Is it possible for Parabola to trigger an event while a button is clicked on Webflow that inturn results in capturing the value attribute of button to update the cms?

Hey !
I have heard many good things about Parabola recently and just signed up yesterday due to the considerable use of Webflow API in recent client projects.

I have been using Zapier and after I hit a wall there I was in search of alternatives. Need to know if Parabola gets past this problem.

Let me explain my use-case
We have a event site. There are 3 main CMS collections

  1. Members
  2. Event Topic
  3. Events

Each member can update their preferred event categories to be shown in the Member cms page.
So a multi-reference field from Event Category collection is mapped to member collection.

How this is currently done?
At present we use form submission trigger in Zapier and then manipulated using Zapier formatter, custom code, these array of values are sent back in the format Webflow need using Zapier Webhooks via PATCH request.

The problem?
We want the member to have a chance to update their event category whenever they wish. PUT requests do this well by replacing old preference to a new one. Rather PATCH does it by making only required fields to change.

What I’m looking for?
I’m not sure if there is a way to be done using PUT request, or maybe I’m missing something or is it a limitation with Webflow or Zapier.
Whatever, I’m looking for a way to get the PUT request working with Parabola.

I have been scratching my head figuring this out for the past few days. Let me know if you have any good news to offer with regard to this.

Mohammed Zeeshan

Hey Mohammed,

Thanks for the detailed question! To my knowledge, you can use a PATCH to accomplish this too. A PATCH takes the fields that it is given and updates those, keeping all other fields the same. A PUT takes the fields that it is given, updates those, and then clears the values from any not specified field. In general, a PUT is less safe, and we don’t recommend it.

That said, you can use the API Export to run a PUT!

But you can accomplish this with our Webflow Export - just set it to update that multi reference field, and the export will update that field to reflect the data that you have given. If a user currently has 10 topics chosen, they could replace them with just 3 topics by using the export.

Let me know if that works!

Thanks for the comprehensive response. Appreciate that. I would need PUT request to my specific use-case. Also I want this process to get started after a webflow form submission is triggered. Can I know where to get this retrieved and get started inside Parabola?

Mohammed Zeeshan

To use a PUT you will need to use the API export then.

In your integrations panel in Webflow, you can add Webhooks - so add one for Form Submission, and then if you are part of our Webhooks Beta feature, you can put in your flow’s webhook address into the field asking for it in Webflow.

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