I want to import rows of AP Aging data and keep vendor name in each row. Current file only has vendor name in sub header of the rows

I need the vendor name on each record of invoices/transactions.

ABC Manufacturing is the name of the Vendor.

Hi @Steven_Darlington - If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you would like a called called “Vendor” where the cell values are populated with “ABC Manufacturing” for each row.

You can accomplish this by using the “Insert Text Column” step and configuring it like so:

Let me know if this helps solve the issue!

Thank you for your reply, I need the value to change when the vendor name changes in the first column.

I did figure out an if statement for my excel spreadsheet to add the vendor name to each row.

I would like to figure a way to do it in Parabola, that way I would not need to modify the excel file.

Got it. Do you need to simply replicate the Vendor name in the first column to a new column? Or, do you need to set up some conditional rules?

If the former: You can actually pass variables in the “Column Value” field of the “Insert Text Column” step. So, instead of where I have “ABC Manufacturing” in the screenshot above, replace it with {first_column_name}. You’ll want to wrap the name of your first column in curly braces {}.

If the latter: I think it’s the “Insert if/else column” step you’re looking for. Here’s an example screenshot:

With this step, you can create as many if/else rules as you need to display the right value based on the vendor name in the first column.

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Thank you, I will give that a try. Just a new user, I did not know there were if statements

One extra issue I have is that column A has other items in it, and the vendor changes names after each subtotal.

Hi Steven,

Try adding multiple rules to your Insert if/else step to add the vendor name into a new column based on the subheader.

You can use the Fill in blanks step to add the vendor to each record using values from above.