Add rows above column headers

Is it possible to add rows of information above the column headers/data? I am building a custom report from shopify that I am using to upload item sales into inventory management software and the template requires that I have rows of info above the sales data.

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to the community! It’s not possible to do this in Parabola directly, but you may be able to do this using a static CSV file with just column headers. Be sure your column headers equal the total number of columns from your sales data table.

For example, your table has 7 columns with data. Your static file would have at least 7 column with your desired headers:

Next, use an Insert rows step to add a single row with your original column headers from your source data:

Finally, use a Stack tables step to stack your new column headers on the top and your sales data on the bottom. You do not need to match up data by column headers:

Here’s a basic template of what that could look like:

Let me know if that helps!

That worked! Thank you!