If else statement adds a new column on every run

I am using a parabola flow to find particular keywords in 1 column called description using if/else rule and then adding a new column to create categories based on that logic in a column called category. but on every run a new column is being added category, category(1), category(2)… I just want to add categories in just 1 column for each new entry in sheet. Is there any work around for this?

Hey there! Are you running the flow, and having the results stored somewhere where they are pulled back in on the next run?

Hey, yes I am using the same google sheet for input and output

Ah okay! It always adds a new column, so if you are using the same sheet, then this makes sense. If you remove all those old columns manually right now, you could then use a Remove columns step before your Insert if/else column step to remove the old column produced by the Insert if/else column step, so that the new one can take its place.

I made few changes in the flow, it is working now

Awesome to hear you got it working @Aditya!