Hubspot pagination

Hi everybody,

is it possible to do pagination for Hubspot-Endpoints with PARABOLA?
On default I will only get 100 contacts/deals/companies, but I need all. It seems that the pagination isn’t as easy as for other tools.

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Hey Lukas! I think you want to set your advanced settings to look like this:

let me know if that works!

Hi Brian,
thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried with the following Requests:

Here you see the Top Level Results

When I did research about Pagination with the Hubspot API it seemed that you need to do it with programming because of the structure with hasMore and offset.

Would be great if it works with parabola without programming.

Best regards

Hey @Lukas_Ginsberg ,

It looks like Brian was referencing how to configure pagination for HubSpot’s v3 APIs. Are you able to use those, or is there a reason you’re using v1 and v2? For example:

Also, we do have a native HubSpot integration that covers at least some of these entities so you may want to check it out by grabbing a “Pull from HubSpot” step from the sidebar.

Either way Parabola should be able to handle all of this so I’m happy to help.

No there was no reason for me to use v1 or v2 it was just the pages I found. So thanks a lot I can’t wait to build the flows and get our Hubspot data on my Dashboards :slight_smile: