How to keep duplicates? (inverse remove duplicates)

How do I complete a reverse of Remove Duplicates?

I tried Find Overlap and Combine Tables and Filter rows. Nothing is working as expected.

The result I’m looking for is to remove duplicates from my Bubble Database.
Bubble import > Keep Duplicates > Bubble Export with Delete command

Hey @Nathan_Lively! You can use the Insert row numbers step. In the advanced settings, add in the Number based on... option and choose a column with a unique identifier (in example below, using Group #). You’ll get something that looks like this:


You can then add in a Filter rows step to remove where Row Number = 1.

Does that make sense?

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That makes sense! I’ll try it.


So far it seems like it’s working. Thanks!

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Awesome, glad to hear @Nathan_Lively :slight_smile: @Warren_Lee just added this functionality, so we all have him to thank!!