Bubble Import Issues


I am importing information in from Bubble, using the Bubble import action. I am converting this information into csv/google sheets data through my flow. this issue that I am having is that the information I am importing will have multiple files and I don’t need to import them all, most of the time it will 1 lot of data, sometimes it may be 2 or 3. See the screenshot for further information.

As you can see from the screen shot there are 2 lines of data that have been imported. With the import it only allows me to process one line and I am unable to select the second line if I would like to process that. So what I have to currently do, is go into bubble and delete the record I don’t want processed and then do the bubble import again. Obviously not ideal.

What I need is a way to get parabola to only import the records that I haven’t already processed, hence the reason that there is a column that is title processed with a true / false input, as well as working out how to process multiple records if I have unprocessed records. I can probably come up with a work around within bubble for that last point if I can only process one at a time, but would prefer it if I can process multiple.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Justin,

In order to help, I’ll need some clarification on what you mean here:

When importing the data into Parabola, it should return a list of all objects associated with your Bubble table.

If you need to manipulate rows where Processed is equal to false, my first suggestion is to use a “Filter rows” step to keep rows where Processed is equal to false.

Let me know if you can provide more information on what you mean by processing records in Parabola, and I can offer a potential solution!

Hi @daniel ,

Thank you for your reply. I have since found out that I will be processing all the information that come in. I had only been using enough data to create one line and then once I added more data it was being brought into my flow, which now will need to be adjusted to process all the data properly.

Thank you for pointing out the processed equals false filter, something so obvious I should have thought of it myself.