How to integrate google sheet and twilio for sms sending in specific date and time

I have my spreadsheet in google sheet and from it I take a meeting date and then subtract 1 day and 30 minutes before the meeting date to send a sms to remind me of the meeting day. How do I do it in

Hi @Juan_Carlos_Arias_Bo- Happy to help! You can do this by using a combination of the following steps:

  • Pull in your meeting date from Google Sheets with a Pull from Google Sheet step
  • Use a Format dates step to convert your date to Unix
  • Use an Insert math column step to create a new date column where you’ll subtract a day and 30 minutes worth of time from that Unix formatted meeting date- the formula would be {date column name} -88200
  • Use a Format dates step to convert the date in the new date column back to the original date format

I hope that helps but let me know if you have any questions!

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