How to hide columns with no values

Hi! This is my first flow, so I’m pretty new to this. I built a flow to manage pending orders. Each row is a pending order and each product has its own column. Some products/columns have no values. Is there a way to filter out and remove all columns with no values?

Hello @Sarah! Welcome to Parabola. That is an interesting use case of blank product columns – generally APIs don’t send entirely blank columns since there tends to be 1+ row(s) of data at some point in the columns (if a flow uses an import step like Pull from an API). Could you check columns that appear fully blank with the step Filter rows? In its settings, you can select a column name and a filter like is not blank to instantly confirm whether it’s empty.

Let me know if you’d like clarification on the above, or if you have other questions. Reach out to if you’d like to send a direct link to your flow and we can take a look into it there.