How does Parabola's pricing work?

Parabola’s pricing uses a credit system based on usage. Each time you run a flow, some credits will be used. You have access to all the features, like scheduling, and can have as many draft flows you need.

There are two things that go into calculating how many run credits you’ll need per flow every month:

  1. Which step in your flow has the highest number of rows. This will be your maximum row count that calculates how many credits that flow will use to run once.
  2. How many times do you run that flow every month.

You would then multiply the # of credits based on your maximum row count by the # of times you run that flow every month. You’d want to do this calculation for each of your flows to figure out how many total run credits you’ll need every month. Check out the pricing slider on our pricing page.

Remember that the amount of run credits used by a run gets calculated each time a flow runs. So, a flow can run one time and use 1 credit, and run another time and use 4 credits if your maximum number of rows has changed between the first run and the second run.

We’re happy to provide additional guidance on selecting the right plan. We know this can be tedious to calculate if you run many flows.