How do we have multiple variables on a flow from previous steps

I’m able to access a single variable or column in the next steps, but when trying to build a flow using multiple variables as attached in the screenshot. I tried using a combined table, which creates a table with two rows for each variable, which I don’t want. I should access the variable directly as to how javascript properties are read.

Hey Ashrith,

At this time, variables, or “merge tags” are tied to the columns in the data that a particular step has access to.

So, if you need to include the date and time, as you are doing, I would suggest using the “Insert date and time row” step after your “Pull Data from URL” step. You can also format the dates after that as well.

Keep in mind that something like the “Enrich with an API” step will execute 1 API I call per row (more if it has pagination settings configured), so any variable that is needed should be present on every row that it is needed on before heading into that step.

Hope this helps!

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