Enrich API and multiple results?

Hi there!

I’m attempting to use the Enrich API step to cycle through a list of 165 items and fetch all transactions for each of them.

My question is since the Enrich API seems to append the fetched data to the columns, how would it display multiple transactions (in the hundreds) for each of the cycled item? WOuld it just repeat the items and append each transaction in a new row?

Thank you!

Hi @Fernando_Campos1,

Good question! It’s likely that the API will return an array of transactions nested in a single cell for each cycle item. In those cases, it’s best to use the Expand JSON step to parse out the transactions.

However, once you use the Expand JSON step, each cycle item will be duplicated into a new row for each associated transaction.

Feel free to send us a flow link to help@parabola.io and we’d be happy to help format your API response.

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Thanks! That does make sense… now I’m having a different issue.

As I’m requesting this data from Bubble, I am setting a few contraints (like specified in their Data API docs)

Problem is that it seems to require me to use the curly brackets around the parameters and that seems to conflict with Parabola thinking its a column reference.


Any ideas on how to handle this please?

Hey Fernando

I was hoping to take a look at your Enrich with API step to help come up with a solution to have those { } exist in your query. Would you mind sharing with us the link to the flow you are working to this email: help@parabola.io.


Sure, just sent it. Thank you again!

Finally got this to work! (thanks to the Parbola team’s assistance)

Just to leave the solution here for others:

  • Replace any curly brackets with their encoded version. So every { becomes %7B and every } becomes %7D.
  • Ideally replace them directly on the API Endpoint URL field rather than the Parameters fields below it. Parabola sometimes has this nasty tendency of removing the encoded characters whenever you edit other parameter fields with encoded characters or run Refresh Data
  • Only leave the original {} for the columns you really want Parabola to refer to
  • Final tip: check every letter/character for each of your parameters and key values very carefully. I missed a simple “S” in the word “constraints” which resulted in the wrong API response…
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