How do I encase text from a column in quotes?

I am successfully pulling data from the ActiveCampaign API.

The final step is a dedupe. This finds duplicates and combines data into a new column with a comma delimeter.

However, I need to do one more thing and encase each piece of data (that is separated by the comma) into quotes.

e.g. so instead of Column 3 = apples, pears, oranges
I want it to be like this: Column 3 = “apples”, “pears”, “oranges”

Is this possible with Parabola, if so could you point me in the right direction?

Hi @Luke1 ,

Yes, this is possible with Parabola. Before you dedupe and merge, try adding the Insert Column step for adding a new column with quotes around the value.

Then use that new column in your dedupe step (this step is now named ‘Remove Duplicate Rows’) to get a comma separated list where your values are wrapped in quotes. Let me know how that goes!


awesome, that was super easy, took less than a minute. Thanks so much! :wink: