How do I add/connect to another Shopify store?

If you manage multiple Shopify stores, you can connect to as many separate Shopify stores as you need within the same Parabola account. This is really useful because you can combine data from across your Shopify stores and create wholistic custom reports that provide a full picture of how your business is performing.

To add/connect to another Shopify Store:

  • Open your Pull from Shopify or Send to Shopify step.
  • Click on Edit Accounts near the top of the result view.
  • Click on Add new account in the modal that pops up.

  • Another authorization window will appear for you to authorize to a different store. Don’t worry, connecting to a different store in one Shopify step will not impact the already-connected Shopify steps already on your flow.
  • The Edit Accounts menu is how you can switch which account a step is pulling from or pushing to. We recommend renaming the Account Name of your various Shopify accounts so it’s easier to toggle in between your different accounts!