Google Big Query Destination

  1. What is your feature/integration request?
    Adding Google Big Query as a destination

  2. What problem would this feature/integration solve?
    We use Big Query as our data warehousing solution and it would solve a ton of our ETL needs if we had this.

  3. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?
    We have to create our own Python scripts for most of our ETLs or use something like Stitchdata or Domo’s integrations currently.

I echo this request.

The Google Cloud toolkit for managing data flows is pretty time-consuming and requires scripting. Adding a visual layer on top of it (powered by Parabola) would make a lot of sense.

@Fernando_Parra @Azin This might not work for your use case, but looks like Google Big Query can read from Google Sheets ( so you could use Parabola to send data to Google Sheets and have Big Query read from there!

Would love this too. As of now, we’re using Google Sheets. But we’re running into limitations. Constantly being told to house the data in BQ.

Currently using Parabola to export into Google Sheets. Would love to export into GBQ.