Generate CSV file step stopped working

We’re using Generate CSV file step and it seemed to have stopped working today. After running a flow where the end result is to generate CSV file, the CSV file download link now does not appear.

Please help.


Hey @RB,

Thanks for letting us know. We’ve escalated this issue to our engineering team to prioritize a fix for this bug. Can you let me know if you’re able to download the CSV file from the email notification that was sent?

Once this has been resolved, I’ll be sure to update this thread. I really appreciate your patience as we sort this out.


Hey @RB,

I’m following up to let you know this bug has been fixed. If you run your flow once more, you can download newly generated CSV files directly from your Live view.

Thanks again for your understanding. Let us know if you run into any other unusual behavior!

Thanks for fixing it so quickly! It’s working for us now.

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