GA4 Calculation Error

I was able to pull data and set the flow up, I went to manually run the flow and it gives a calculation error.

This is the second time we had this issue, (I pulled the GA4 out of our regular flow to diagnose)
We have to use 2 connectors, and they are both erroring out.
The system gives this Issue ID: 288b64b9-b188-48a2-a453-5c492fab515f
and this Issue ID: a7cd891a-765d-4dec-9ee5-842f0d176ae4

Hey @Zack_Williams, taking a look at the issue on our end, it seems like GA4 was sending back 0 rows.

We updated the step so an error should not populate, but the results will show up with 0 rows (possibly due to the combination of metrics/dimensions being invalid in GA4).


Thank you Ayana, I had a feeling that could be the case. What’s the possibility of getting the google GA4 Message? A competitor of your does that:

That’s cool they’re able to surface the returned error from GA4! I’ll file a request with our product team regarding the enhancement to the step, and can follow up once we get some more concrete timeframes.