Ending a flow with two steps at the same time

Hello :wave:t2:

Is there a way to call two steps at the end of the flow (using steps that don’t have outputs)?

I want to send a text message and an email at the end of the flow. These steps can be invoked at the same time or one after another.

Great question, @maxkatz! This is definitely possible. Just made a quick gif for ya:two outputs


Ah! But this assumes I have the data in a local .csv file? What if my data is coming from an Airtable?

Any data source works! So, based on your screenshot, you can connect your Text Merge step to Twilio SMS step AND to the Sengrid step. You’re basically creating two separate branches for the output.

Oops… that’s too easy :man_facepalming:. I thought I can only make one connection. Thank you.


No worries! Glad you and Sachi were able to get it all figured out.