Email Trigger to pick up a data file for a flow

I am hoping Parabola has a way to use an email trigger to cause the flow to pick up Excel file data in a specific box folder and process the flow using that file.
(File will change in a non-scheduled pattern.)
The Parabola flow would pull that file name (or the one file that is in that folder location) into the flow.

Anyone accomplish this?

Hi @Julz_Hagele - Happy to help! We don’t currently have the option to trigger a Flow based off of a file change in Box. I know you mentioned using an email trigger to do this. We do have the option to run a Flow when an email is received at the email address generated by the Flow which may be one way to do this.

Would you be pulling in the same file from Box or would the file be different each time? It may be easier to email the Excel file to the Email step and have the data pull in that way.

Let me know if you have any questions!