Email open rate when using SendGrid in Parabola

I am sending emails using the SendGrid integration with Parabola. I was wondering if there’s a way for me to also look at the emails stats (such as open rate) and if yes, how can I view it?

Hi @Nandini :wave:

While we don’t have a native integration that can pull data from SendGrid directly, you may be able to pull in email statistics from SendGrid using our Pull from an API step.

Feel free to check out SendGrid’s documentation link as they have more in-depth resources on getting email statistics via API.

Hi @Nandini,

You can sign into your SendGrid dashboard and click on Activity (in the left side navigation bar). From there you can search for the emails you had sent in order to see their stats such as open rates, etc.

SendGrid lets you search by the receiver’s email address, or by a data range or you can just see a list of all the emails that you’ve sent in reverse chronological order. It also lets you filter by things such as subject line.

Keep in mind that how far back in time you can search depends on which SendGrid plan you are on.

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