Email addresses & dynamic data

Is there any way to collect the sender email address from “Pull from email attachment” and use that same email address in the “Email a CSV Attachment” integration?

Hi @Paul_Styslinger :wave:

Our “Pull from email attachment” cannot pull the sender’s email address at the moment, but you can add multiple recipients to your final export. This sounds like an interesting way to use Parabola!

Are you hoping that email senders can push CSV data to Parabola and they would receive an updated file based on their original data?

Yes, that’s exactly the idea. Would allow for a lightweight report-generation system without needing to integrate with a 3rd party company’s systems.

This is a really cool idea, Paul. Would you mind posting this in the #feature-requests section of our community forum?

I would love to bring more visibility to this and see if others would find this lightweight-report generation system useful!