Does anyone know how to retrieve the "Staff who helped with sale" value from every order made?

I want to make a weekly report to see the staff who helped the most with the sales.
Since I make this manually from the shopify app every week this would save me a ton of time, since with such a report i could send them directly to them and automate the comision payments.

Hey Allan!

When you pull this manually, where do you pull it from? And what field shows you which staff member helped with the sale?

Hello thanks for answering, u can find the report in the shopify statistics section in website and also from the shopify dash board app


Hi @Allan_Joseph_Guerra,

I found a Shopify community thread where a client also asked for Staff Who Helped with Sale:

Unfortunately at this time it doesn’t appear that Shopify has this data type available publicly, so that it can be pulled from the API. You could reach out to Shopify’s support to see if they have additional information or plan to make this property exposed so it can be accessed. Let us know if you learn anything from Shopify’s support team that we can look into further.

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