Deleting a list of Find And Replace categories doesn't work

Very odd behaviour when you start to delete F&Rs in a long list.

Only the Category and replace value get deleted. The Find value stays put so they get all out of whack.

And you don’t find this out (as it happens from the bottom) until too late.

Hey Nigel,

Thanks for sending this video. That is indeed odd behavior, but our engineering team is aware of this issue. I’ve gone ahead and including this video in a detailed bug report.

I’ll follow-up once this issue has been addressed.

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Thanks. Updating large list of rules is also very slow in the UI when changing values.

As a workaround for now …

  1. Deleting from the bottom of the list is fine.
  2. Instead of deleting rules from the top you can change the search field to be random characters but leave the rule there.
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