Find and replace wildcard?

As per title. Is there a way to add a wildcard to the “Find and replace” rule?

I got this column and I’d like to remove everything after a ". ". A dot and a space. Which means all the “VAT exempt” and similar annotations related to VAT.
I’ve tried using * but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hey @Axel_Delgado,

To my knowledge you can’t add a wildcard in the “Find and replace” step.

But there’s a couple other options to get your desired effect:

Option 1

Use a “Split column” step and split the “detail” column by ". ". Now your first column will be what you wanted.

Option 2

Use a regex step to do find and replace with wildcards.

(Trickier option if you don’t regex already)

Brian Dawson
Automation Consultant


Option 1 did the trick. Thanks!

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