Why the ADD/UPDATE/DELETE pattern doesn't work

As I asked in this thread…

but now about Bubble rather than Airtable, the “pattern” are presented with…

Will never work using the “Find Overlap” as presented.

This is because you can only choose data from one input or another. However…

You MUST have the CSV (the updated data) as it is needed to make the updates.
You MUST have the Source (Airtable/Bubble) as it is needed to match to the unique id on PATCH

So it is impossible to get this to work as stated.

What you have to do, and I am open to alternate solutions, is recombine the output of the Overlap with the Source database so that you have all the required fields.

This then means you have duplicate fields with (1) after them in the combined output.

There is a Parabola bug that makes this also fail unless you force the names to be different.

Is there another way, as this is very clumsy?

Hey @NigelG,

Thanks for pointing that out. I just replied to your thread regarding the potential bug. Please keep me posted on that front.

Here is another pattern that could work. Feel free to adjust to your different export types. However, any columns from your updated data source that share the same column name as your source data will be appended with a (1).

Lastly, are you receiving any errors from Bubble, or is it sucessfully updating using the wrong date column?