Dealing with pagination key in a nested field

Hi All. Am using the Leadsquared API and my issue is that they want the pagination params in a specific format. Like so

    "Parameter": {
        "FromDate": "2017-11-02 18:30:00",
        "ToDate": "2017-11-06 18:29:59",
    "Paging": {
        "PageIndex": 1,
        "PageSize": 100

How do i use the paginate key with this ? Am all but done, just need this to work. Would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Hi @Khalid_Bajwa - Happy to help!

On the left side of the Pull from API step, there is a Pagination section that can be expanded. From there, you can set the Page key and value to match the API documentation that Leadsquared has provided.

If you’re running into issues getting this set up, we’d be happy to take a look at your Flow! Just send us a link to the Flow at