Dates from spreadsheet are not sent to Saleforce

Hello! I am currently stuck in a flow that is supposed to send data from a spreadsheet into salesforce. The format is exactly the same as in Salesforce; however, Salesforce keeps ignoring any row that has dates in there. Am I missing something?


Hey @Gerardo,

Sorry to hear that you’re hitting this error! As a first attempt to troubleshoot, let’s try using the “Format Dates” step, converting the date format from “Auto-Detect” to the custom date format “M/D/YYYY”. This will ensure that all values in the date column are properly in your current date format.

If still no success, let’s try changing the date format to “yyyy-MM-dd,” per the guidance in Salesforce’s API docs. Let me know if either of these approaches does the trick!

Hello, Adam! Thank you for your quick reply. The solution was to change the dates to the YYYY-MM-DD format. Thank you for your help!

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