Dates format changes when pull attachment (XLXS)

Hi guys,

I pull data from the email attachment, and the file is in .xlsx format. There are numerous dates fields inside the file, and in mail these files have a MM-DD-YYYY format (e.g. 3/31/2023), however, after pulling information into the flow, even in the attachement module, the dates format fields changes to MM-DD-YY (e.g.3/31/23) which must not be in this way and this breaks our next steps.

Interestingly, the Format Date module couldn’t improve it cause it can not recognize such type of date format (e.g.3/31/23).

Did anyone encounter with such issues before and how did you manage this?


Hi @Ahmet_Shamiev - Happy to help! If you set the starting date format in the Format Date step as M/DD/YY are you seeing the step recognize that date formatting? You’ll need to type this format directly into the field under the dropdown under Starting Format:

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 12.30.25 PM

Hi @Emory_Stainbrook , thanks for sharing this. This works perfect!! :smiley: