Cross-referencing one list against another, and removing duplicates

I have a CSV of existing profiles and a CSV of new profiles that I want to enrich.

However, I need to make sure that none of the new profiles are existing leads.

How can I cross-check the list of new profiles against the list of old profiles and remove profiles from the NEW list that already exist in the OLD list?

Hi Abhay, welcome to our community!

You should be able to accomplish this with our “List Contains” transform.


It takes multiple inputs. So for the first arrow, use the CSV table that you want to be your final data set. This would be your NEW list.

Then use the existing list(s) as the second arrow. Go into the step, pick the columns that have some sort thing that can be used as an ID to determine if a row exists in both tables. Also make sure you have the “Not Contains” options enabled in this case!

This will give you a list of rows that is present in the New list but are not present in the existing/other lists.