Creating JSON body

I am trying to get data from system A, format the results into JSON body that will be accepted by system B, and then post to system B.

Currently to achieve this I have one flow which gets the data from system A and posts it to the google sheet; I have an extra column on the google sheet with a formula that will create the JSON body for each row based on what’s posted in the other columns.
Then I have a second flow which gets the JSON body from my google sheet and posts it into system B.

This works fine for manually running the flow, but I need to set this up on a schedule, and ideally layer on webhooks shortly thereafter. Can you help me with the best way to achieve this?

  1. My preference would be to eliminate google sheets and have a single flow that gets from system A and posts to system B, with the ability to format the JSON body using steps in between. Is this realistic? Do you have tips on what steps/tools to use to format JSON body in parabola?

  2. The alternative is to keep google sheets as the middleman. I could keep it as two flow or combine to one, but either way my concern is the same: how do I ensure the get flow is complete (and would have had time to populate the rows in the formula column) before running the post flow?

  3. Other ways to achieve this result that I’m not thinking of?

Hey Annika!

In the Body field of the Send to an API, you can construct JSON!

For example, if you’re desired body is:


Then you could replace the values with references to the columns you want to use to fill them:

   "email":"{user email}"