Export JSON with email or Google Drive

Hey there, love Parabola, big fan. Something we stumbled upon while building a flow that does some data analysis, is that I am not quite sure how to create a JSON export of the results. I can push them to an API, I can export a CSV to email me or put somewhere but can I simply create a JSON file with the data in JSON format and email me that?

Why I am asking, we want to automate part of the creation flow of data that goes into a Prismic database. Since they don’t have an API that we can use for putting data in we want to use the Import feature they have.

Any help, ideas, suggestions or pointers into a good direction?

Eternal gratitude

Hi @Benjamin_Mateev,

Would importing a CSV to Prismic’s database work with their import feature? Unfortunately at this time we don’t support the ability to export a JSON file and only enable exporting CSV files. Here’s a related feature request you can upvote for future product improvements we make: JSON Export/Hosting

Right now, the only workaround is exporting the results as a CSV (using the step Generate CSV file or Email a CSV attachment) and then converting it into JSON outside of Parabola.

I intend to tackle this, as a user, very soon, but have done something similar with html tables. Using the parabola feature that combines cell values you can manually construct the json then put it into the body of an email, or as I prefer, save it into a mysql table with a column formatted as json type.

I’m on a break and on my mobile, but it might look like

column 1 has {
column 2 has “id”
column 3 has 123456
column 4 has ,
column 5 has }

then merge them all together into a single cell.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I think the solution that Thomas suggested is interesting but for our case might be quite a bit of extra work given there are a few stable csv to json convert solutions out there that we can use for now. Will definitely upvote the future feature as I think even for exporting to an API having it in a JSON format would be great!

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