JSON - Structure Help


I’m using Parabola to send a list to my Bubble app using an API Export. I have setup the endpoint however I need to format the JSON body within the export. I’m making a POST request.

Data format: https://gyazo.com/96b8b047cb887fd470191542058faa70
Currently body setup: https://gyazo.com/6ec5ec0ee983fd52a582f6c830ada00a

Currently the body linked above only returns the very first domain in the column. How should I write the body so it will return the whole list?

Thank you

Still looking for a solution to this!

Hi @EB - If I’m understanding your issue correctly, it sounds like you need to wrap the column name in curly braces { } and pass that in the Body instead of the specific value.

I think it’ll make more sense if you can post a screenshot of how your API Export is currently configured, and what the data you’re trying to export looks like.