Add inventory from Airtable to Shopify


I think I’m missing something obvious here but I can’t see how to upload my inventory from Airtable to Shopify.

I can see how to adjust Inventory, add to collections, etc but can see how to create products.

I basically have a new shop, 150-200 items to add from Airtable. I want to use auto collection creation if possible.

Apologise if I’m missing something.




Great question. You’re right that the export step Send to Shopify doesn’t have a way to create new products yet (this is something we’re working on adding in the future).

Currently, you’d use the export step Send to an API to create new Shopify products. You’d set this step up by referencing these docs:

A mockup example of this step would look like the following:

To use Shopify’s auto collections on newly created products, you’d first set up the auto collections system in Shopify with the rules you need by following this doc:
Then, any new products you create in Parabola will be applied to auto collections after you send them to Shopify using the step Send to an API.

Let me know if you’d like further clarification or have other questions I can assist you with.


Perfect. Thanks for taking the time to explain in detail. Much appreciated.

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