ConvertKit and Parabola

Heyo Parabola Community!

I’m trying to retroactively update some of my subscribers in ConvertKit with a tag. ConvertKit doesn’t have a great way to do this internally and Zapier only allows for new actions, so I thought Parabola would be great for this.

I’m having heaps of trouble getting ConvertKit connected via their API docs.

Has anyone connected ConvertKit before and could provide some pointers?


Thank you!

Hi @Lacey!

Great question. I think I have a few pointers for you. To push a tag from our system to ConvertKit’s system (to tag your subscribers), you’d set up an ending export step Send to an API with ConvertKit’s API documentation like so:

The step’s entered information can be found in ConvertKit’s API documentation section seen below:

Let me know how that goes for you and if you’d like further clarification on the above!