Conditional if nod

We are doing a pipeline separating “valid rows” and “invalid rows”.
“valid rows” will be implemented in an application and “invalid rows” will be sent in a google sheet and sent by email.
We would like to do this action with a condition : if there is no “invalid rows”, the “valid rows” could be sent in the final application and if there is minimum 1 “invalid row”, the “valid rows” wouldn’t be sent in the final application.
Maybe someone knows if it possible to add a sort of “conditional if nod”?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hey there! Sounds like you want to make sure that no rows are allowed through this section if any of the rows are “invalid”. Here is a way to do that!

Use the Insert If/Else column step to perform the valid / invalid checking. In this case I am checking if the email column contains “netflix”. The important part here is that you use this step to tag any invalid rows with a word (such as “BLOCK” in this case), and keep the valid rows blank in that new column:

Then use the Fill in Blanks step to fill in the new “Valid Check” column from both the top and the bottom. This will ensure that if any BLOCKs show up, they will be shared with all other rows.

Finally, use a row filter to only keep rows that are blank in that “Valid Check” column. This will let all rows through if all rows are valid, and will block all rows if at least 1 row is invalid.

Paste this into your flow to check it out!

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Thank you very much for your help.

There is just a nuance. When I split “valid rows” and “invalid rows”, I want to send “valid rows” in an application but only if there is no “invalid row” detected. If there is one or more invalid rows, I will first correct it after sending all the rows which will be valid in the application.

Do you understand what I mean?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

This will be accomplished by what I sent above. The steps will block any row from proceeding bast the Filter Rows steps if there are one or more invalid rows.

Does this mean you want to send the valid rows somewhere else? I’m not sure I follow this part.

Is there a piece of what I sent above that is not working for you as expected?

It is working, thank you very much for your help.