Results in separate columns per character

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I’m having another challenge on my hands, maybe you have a good tip how to handle this.

I managed to get another API working with enrichment on orderid, but it gives results in separate columns per character, any tips on how to prevent that from happening, or how to fix it using Parabola steps in a quick and easy way?

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Hey Sabrina! Are you able to link me to the API Documentation you’re referencing? A screenshot of the documentation would help too. Thanks!

Hi Sachi,

The documentation for this API version is

They have 3 versions, and this one is the only one that gave me any result at all so far on what I was looking for, just almost 5000 columns of result, with 1 character in each column :joy:

Thank you in advance!

Thanks, Sabrina. This is strange, but it looks like it’s an issue with how the API is sending back the response code. We can easily filter those columns out by just using a Column Filter step right afterwards and filter FOR the columns that we want to keep.

Are you seeing the data you wished to get back with this API Enrichment step?

I can try sorting out which columns of the 5000 I do need and filter that, not ideal to set up, but in the end it will give me what I need.

Thank you! :hugs:

Hi Sachi.

I have a new problem with this…


Is there a way to cut the repsonese off at a number of characters?

Thank you in advance.

Oh no, that’s no good! I looked into the newer version of their API, and I think it will work. One thing is that it doesn’t look to accept order_ids as a parameter so you should use the API Import step instead of API Enrichment, select the criteria that you can, and then use the Join step to find matches with your data.

Here’s how you should configure the API Import:
Type: Post
API Endpoint URL:


Authentication: Username and Password
Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Header Key: Content-Type
Header Value: application/json

Don’t forget to consult their API docs and add other criteria into your Body:

Thank you Sachi,

I have another step running in the newer API version (V1) and that seems to be working fine, so I expect this to have potential as well. I love to be learning so much right now, I hope soon I won’t be needing so much help anymore, I am very happy you guys are so helpful, you are my heroes! :raised_hands:

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Sounds good, Sabrina! We’re happy to help and answer your questions. Keep 'em coming! :muscle:

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