Bubble: record with ID does not exist (but it does?)

I am not new to Parabola or Bubble, but I keep getting an error when pushing an array Keywords which looks like["{bubbleID}","{bubbleID}","{bubbleID}","{bubbleID}"]

The error always states “Record with {bubbleID} is not found” but when I search on the Bubble CMS it indeed IS there. These records are being pushed as ID references of other Bubble records in another table. This happened a week ago and somehow it decided to work like the next day with no rhyme or reason.

Hey @Marcel,

Totally understand how this error can be frustrating. Since the issue appeared and then resolved itself previously, my expectation is that this error too would soon resolve itself. In case it’s unclear, based on the mentioned error message, Parabola is successfully sending the request to Bubble’s API, and Bubble’s API is having difficulty associating the ID with an existing record.

To confirm, if you do a GET request to pull in all IDs associated with your Keywords, are you able to view the ID causing the error in that dataset?