Arranging excel sheet

I’m new to Parabola and I need some help on arranging / extracting my excel data. I’m importing an excel file via email. (I’m using and would like to import the excel file directly via api if possible. Not sure if someone has advice on that as well?)

Anyways, I’m importing the file via email and I need to extract different tabs and info into one final sheet and export back into Bubble.

My first tab looks like this:

So my thinking is to use multiple flows to extract the different info eg CLIENT, SAMPLE TYPE etc and combine all the info at the end. See below an example. Is this the best / fastest / cleanest way?

Once this tab is done, then I like to move on to the next tab extracting the data. Luckily that tab is not a problem and looks more like and excel sheet so that is no problem.

Once I ran through all the tabs I need to combine all the different flows to create one sheet and export that back into Bubble via api (that I’ve sorted :+1:). I understand

Hope all makes sense? :sweat_smile:

Hi @Thinus_Enslin1 - happy to help!

I see that you mentioned that you’re using Bubble. We do have a Bubble integration that may be able to pull over the information that you are working with. Let us know if you have any questions while setting that up!

If all of the data that you’re wanting to combine lives in different tabs of the Excel file, it does look like branching out like you have would be the best way to pull in that information and format it into one table. If you have the Excel file, you can also use a Use Excel file step to pull over that data.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @Emory_Stainbrook
Thanks for the feedback.
I took your advice and I’m busy “building” the different workflows.

WRT importing an Excel file via api. Can you please confirm that Parabola can use / import an Excel file via URL? Because Bubble will send an URL instead of the file. Correct?

Using the “USE EXCEL FILE” workflow. If I understand correctly I need to manually upload an Excel file, so I can’t use the “USE EXCEL FILE” by send the the url via api. Correct?