Api connection with WebScraper

Hi everyone! Actually I’m looking forward to make an API connection between my website and WebScraper.io , but I don’t know how to make it. Maybe if you could giveme a few tips or help how to start I can understand the process of the development:)

Your can find API documentations here :
-(WebScraper) - https://webscraper.io/documentation/api
(goal is to export data from here, guess in csv?)
(ShopRenter) - https://doc.shoprenter.hu/
(goal is that some parameters should react to the data WebScaper give).

Many thanks!

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As long as you have scraping jobs already running, it looks like you can use Parabola to pull in the results.

First use an API Import to call this URL:
and replace “YOUR-API-TOKEN” with your api token

You may need to add a top level key in the API Import for the the key “data” to unpack the results into a table.

They will probably send back the most recent scrape job first, so if you have multiple jobs returned, you can use a Row Numbers step followed by a Row Filter to only keep the first row.

Then you can send that into an API Enrichment step set to use this URL: