Airtable API Export Issues

I have been successfully sending data from Parabola to Airtable via the API export, but now I have been receiving 422 errors saying:

“error”: {
“message”: “Unknown field name: “Moda ID””,

However, “Moda ID” is a field in my table.
Here is the start of the body:

“fields”: {
“Moda ID”: ["{Moda Id}"],

Does anyone know why this might be happening? Has Airtable changed something in their API?

Hi @Josh_Cykiert,

Have you found a solution yet? If not, would you mind sending along your body and API endpoint URL you’re using?

Just to be safe, does “Moda ID” match the exact case of your Airtable header?


@jp I have not found the solution. Yes, my Airtable field is called “Moda ID” (same case). If I remove the first header for “Moda ID”, it gives me an error on “Artist”.


 	"fields": {
 		"Moda ID": ["{Moda Id}"],
 		"Artist": ["{Talent Name}"],
 		"Role (Job Title)": "{Event Category}",
 		"Date": "{Date}",
 		"Dept/Location": ["{Location for Payroll}"],
 		"MASTER SORTED BY Company": ["{Booking Client}"],
 		"Producer": "{Booking Contact}",
 		"Billing Company": "{Billing Client}",
 		"Company Job #": "{PO Number}",
 		"Day Rate": "{Rate}",
 		"Talent Agency Fee": "{Talent Percent}",
 		"Payroll Notes": "{Billing Notes}",
 		"Client Agency Fee": "{Agency Percent}",
 		"Division": "{Office/Division}"
 	"typecast": true

Hey @Josh_Cykiert, trying to figure out this issue and it’s a tough one. The request looks correct to me, but if it’s failing on whatever the first field is, I have a hypothesis…is it possible the URL for the Airtable table has changed? If you changed the name, the endpoint will be different and needs to be updated and that might explain why it’s failing regardless of the seemingly correct Body.

@andrew thanks for the suggestion. I checked and the URL is the same. This is happening for me on multiple bases. Any other ideas? Very frustrating.

So I decided to start from scratch and it worked. It appears to be a bug since I copied every single step including the API URL and body.

Glad it’s working, but that’s a bummer :frowning: I’ll have someone on the team look into this. Really appreciate your patience @Josh_Cykiert.

Yes, lots of time and runs wasted, but glad it’s working. Thanks @andrew.

Send me the email address associated with your account and I’ll add some credits back to your account. Email and I’ll take care of it.