Ability to act on email subject request

A feature I find missing which would be very helpful is the ability to get the subject of incoming emails, we use this to route to designated mailboxes based on key words in the subject.
Do you have this feature or can you implement this?

Hi @cuyari

Thanks for your feature request! Sounds like it would be really helpful in your case. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we implement this feature or have any workarounds.

Hi Daniel
any news on this its really a great feature for users to be able to track emails and would be great to be able to pass the original subject on to the outgoing email.

Hi @cuyari,

Thanks for checking in! This feature has been added to a list of product improvements and should be a feature in the not too distant future.

We don’t have a finalized date just yet, but I’ll be sure to reply to this thread once our team has an update for you.

Appreciate your patience here! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thats great!
will this include the ability to keep the subject of the email and forward it on with the results?

Hi @cuyari,

Good question! Our product, design, and engineering teams are still in the early stages of working out the specifications.

I’ve shared a link to this thread for their reference, and once I have more information, I’ll be sure to let you know.


I have sent 2 emails to my flow and none have run.!!!

I can’t have both run as this will use up credits and I need the data – what’s going on?

Sent to 13a9d6167a0e481680e8a15df1d54d6c@inbound.parabola.io



Hey Wayne – Daniel just followed up over email, so hopefully we are able to resolve this issue soon! Thanks for letting us know, and sorry for the inconvenience with the failed runs.

Hi Daniel, Adam

Please can you let me know when this will be available as this feature is a key component now for our ability to continue using Parabola.

The subject details sent in to us is of importance and we can’t afford to lose this when using your system.

Hi Wayne,

I sent you an email separately, but I’m following up here as well.

This feature is still on our radar, but the implementation has not been scoped out by our product and engineering teams.

As soon as I have an update from our product and engineering teams, I’ll be sure to follow up!

Hi Wayne,

Wanted to share one idea for this use case. First off, were you hoping to use the Send emails by row step or the Email a CSV attachment step? The reason I ask is because the former allows you to dynamically reference a column value in the “Subject” field, but the latter does not support the same functionality.

If you are using the Send emails by row step, you can add a column to your sheet called “Email Subject,” which you could then dynamically reference in the settings panel using curly brackets.

Could this be a viable workaround in the meantime?

Hi Adam

That would be nice but I’m using the Email a CSV attachment

We have csv data being cleaned and sent on – can I use the Send emails by row to do this as well?

If you’re sending a CSV file, the Email a CSV attachment step is your best bet. The Send Email by Rows step is not able to send files, and is better for sending a couple key pieces of information (ex. “Yesterday we had X customers order products totaling $Y in sales.”)

I thought this may be the case, but wanted to float the potential workaround out anyway!

Hi Guys

Any update at all on this new feature?

Not yet, @cuyari. Our engineering team is prioritizing other features and foundational improvements at the moment.

Again, we’ll be sure to reach out as soon as we have an update for you.


Thank you

kind regards


Hey Wayne – Excited to share that we now offer the ability to pull through an email subject and body! Feel free to check out this post for the full announcement.