Zip Code Format

My data contains zip codes which looks like =“77494” on reports. My other number data doesn’t look like this. What can I do to make it just 77494?

@Zach_Willeford Try using the Find and replace step! What you’ll want to do is find any occurrences of " or = in the zip code column and replace the value with nothing (which will just remove it). The settings should look something like this:

But make sure to apply it just to the zip code column so it doesn’t change any of your other data.

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Thanks! I will give that a try!

Great, let me know if it works!

Well, I had split my data so I could run some as a test. When I uploaded the test data it had corrected itself…so I don’t know what happened there, but if it happens again I will keep you solution in mind.

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Glad to hear it’s working @Zach_Willeford!