Filtering Rows by number of characters

I’m trying to filter out rows of invalid postal Zip codes. An astounding number of our leads type in less than 5 digits as their zip code. I’m trying to figure out how I filter rows that contain less than 5 digits. I tried the “row filter” function, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter by digits, rather than sums.

Hey Luke! For this, we will use some tricks.

  1. Use a Text Extract and set the operation to Find all text after… and then set the next field to Offset from beginning of text… and then set your offset length to 4. Anyone with 5 digits will have your new column filled with a number. If they have less than 5 digits, then they will have a blank.

  2. Use a Row Filter to only keep the rows that are not blank in that new column.

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