Formating text to numbers with negative sign to negative numbers, but others do not. Is there a step I need to do before I format to number?

I am formatting text to numbers. Some of my values -7600 show up as -7600.00 as expected, some convert to 0. The 0 is incorrect.

How do I correct that issue?

Hey @Steven_Darlington - can you share a screenshot of your flow and some of the rows that are converting the negative numbers to 0? What’s your original data source with the numbers formatted as text?

I just did some testing on my end and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.

Here are three screenshots of the show the issue.

I would be willing to share my workflow with you if that would help[…


3 - 3030 Midwest with Vendor name.xlsx

password: 5205

I tried again with this file. I am having the same issue with Row 532. I am sure there are other rows, but I think if I fix this row it will fix them all.

I just do not see the reason it changes to zero.


Hey Steven,

Thanks for sending over your test file. I was able to reproduce the issue, and I think I have a simple workaround for you.

My feeling is this happens when a negative number is stored as text with a comma. To get around this, use a Find and replace step to find all , in the columns you want to target and replace it with a blank value.

Your Format numbers step should now work correctly, and you can even add the comma back in with comma grouping.

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Interesting, good to know. I will do that and let you know. That also explains why some of the credits made it through. Thank you so much.


Hey Steven,

Just following up. This bug should be addressed and should no longer format negative integers with commas to 0.

Thanks again for calling this out!

Great, thanks you for the update.

I will run it through again.


Hi guys!
I need to know how I can transform text to numbers. Watching Steven’s flow, I think it is with the cleaning data module, but how should I use it to do it?
My data comes from a csv file like the one in this link, that brings me the numbers in text format like this 45,56. It refers to money.
What I finally want to do is to SUM all the operations grouped by MEDIO_PAGO (payment method).


I found out how to do it. Just changing “,” for “.”, it recognizes it as numbers.

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