Working with team members on Parabola + other tools?

Do you also work with team members?
I’m working with two more team members on a project on Parabola+Glide+Phantombuster.
We already broke flows several times because of changes that we didn’t know a team member did.
I was wondering if anyone else here is having this problems and what are the solutions.

Have a nice day!

Hello @Yair_Graif,

What are some of the changes and breaks that your team’s flow experienced? If I can better understand the specifics about what is happening, this will help the troubleshooting process.

When working on a shared flow, we recommend only having one tab of the flow opened at a time, and to make sure to close the tab when you’re done working on it. A message will appear preventing another person from accessing it while someone is actively working on it.

With the way flow autosaving works, what may be happening is if during collaboration your teammates and you all have the flow tab open on individual devices. This can cause the flow to save what one person does over another’s changes or inputs.