Web info Alexa API

I have

  1. The list of domains:
  2. The API key: XXXXX
  3. Request URL example: https://awis.api.alexa.com/api?Action=UrlInfo&Count=10&ResponseGroup=Rank,LinksInCount&Start=1&Url=cnn.com
    What is the best way to get web info from Alexa for each domain by Parabola?

Hey Yurii - First, since you want to make requests to the API with different URL endpoints, I suggest using the API Enrichment step instead of the API Import step.

You would want to import a table of the list of domains you listed in #1, whether it be a Google Sheet, CSV, or Excel file.

Then, in your API Enrichment step, you’ll want you API endpoint to look like this:

Be sure to update what’s inside the curly braces {} based on your own column name.

For authenticating the API Enrichment step, select None in the Authentication dropdown.
Instead we’re going to create two custom headers.

Header Key: Accept
Header Value: application/xml
Header Key: x-api-key
Header Value: your own API key

Note that you can type in values to the Header Key field. You don’t have to select from the dropdown.

Let me know how that goes!

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Everything works perfectly! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it, @Yurii_Dukhncich. Once you’ve completed this, be sure to post about it in Show and Tell: https://community.parabola.io/c/show-and-tell/13

I’d love to learn more about what you were able to achieve, and I’m sure others will be interested in it too.