Variable for email address

When using the Email a CSV Attachment step, does the email address need to be hard-keyed or is there a way to use a variable for the email field?

Hi @Annika_Cederblad, :wave:

The Email a CSV attachment step does require the recipient’s email address to be hard-keyed.

We do have a Send emails by row step that will allow you to dynamically send email addresses using {text-merge} values.

The tradeoff here is that you won’t be able to send an attachment, but the data can be inserted into the email body as a custom template. Would that work as a potential solution?

Thanks @daniel! It may work - here is what I’m trying to achieve-

  1. A grid-format (columns and rows) with the data
  2. Multiple rows in the attachment or email. Right now I have a let’s say 100 rows total, and each row has a column with the email address. There are only 4 different email addresses - I don’t want to send each email address 25 different emails, but instead send each email address 1 email with 25 rows.


Got it, @Annika_Cederblad !

In order to create a grid, you would need to configure an HTML table in your email body. This can be done by defining your column headers and inserting your column variables between each <td> tag.

This can work with smaller/static datasets, but for larger datasets, it can become challenging to create a dynamic HTML table. You could try constructing your HTML templates within your Parabola flow by using a Merge duplicate rows step.

This example would merge duplicate email addresses together and list the associated colors for each email:

In your case, merge your data so that each column would look like a comma-separated list containing the values from each row in a single cell.

This is certainly a workaround for the time being, but sending email attachments to variable email lists is on our radar.