Sending multiple rows in one email

Is there a good way to send multiple rows in one email, grouped on a field? For example if my data is:

Vendor // Quantity // Item // 2 // Apple // 7 // Pear // 10 // Kiwi

I would want to group the information sent based on the vendor field; Vendor a would receive 1 email with 2 fields and vendor b would receive 1 email with 1 field.

Ideally would love to send a CSV file with the information filtered by a field but if there is a way to do it in a semi-formatted way in just an email that would work too.

Hi @Annika_Cederblad,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’d like one email to go to Vendor A that reads…

2 Apple
7 Pear

And a second email to go to Vendor B that reads…

10 Kiwi

One way to do that would be to use an insert text column step in order to create a new column that combines the Quantity text and the Item text into one sentence. For this example, I named the new column “Email copy”.

Then you could add a merge duplicate rows step that merges the value of multiple Email copy fields into just one row per vendor.

I used two html line breaks for the delimiter so that each of your Email copy sentences will appear on their own lines in the outgoing emails.

You’ll want to be sure to set your outgoing emails to HTML for the line breaks to work properly.