The Find Overlap step has been updated and simplified!

The team has made some great strides to improve one of the most confusing but also useful steps in Parabola.

These updates are just visual updates.

The Find Overlap step takes two tables and passes data through from one table that is either present or not present in the other table. You can think of it like an affirm or deny list. Rows present both connected tables are either blocked or allowed through.

The step uses a series of rules to determine if a row exists in both tables or just one.

Here’s a simple example of the new step in action:

Using my Lead List in the top selector, I know that the resulting data will be pulled from that Lead List. That means the other table, which I called my “Blocked Emails” list will be used as the filter.

I’ve set up the step to show me rows from my Lead List that do not exist in my Blocked Emails list. And then down below, I have set up rules to determine how rows are matched between the tables. In this case, it is matching the email column from the Lead List table to the other email column in the Blocked Emails table.

You can also set up multiple rules and set the step to use any of the rules, or all of the rules: