Top 40 podcasts, deduped &refreshed every week

I was toying around with Listen Notes’ API and realized that my podcast discovery queue could be updated regularly with the top performing podcasts across different countries.

Enter API Import function!

On a weekly basis, I pull together the top 40 podcasts from each of Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and the US. There’s overlap in listening habits so I clean the data up a bit with some deduping and merge everything together into a single table that I also compare to an Airtable base where everything ends up being stored. By doing this, I avoid duplicate entries in my Airtable!

The finishing touch was getting a single notification to Slack so I know I have the freshest podcasts at my fingertips. To avoid a Slack message for every entry in my table, I filter to include blank rows only (they’ll never actually exist) then add a blank row to my table before hitting Slack’s API.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.04.50 AM Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.05.00 AM

I would love to know what the community thinks! :pray:

Hey Stephen!

This is super cool! I love seeing flows that create a usable end product like this. Great use of a lot of fun features of Parabola.


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Thanks @brian! I’ll come back here and update the community as I add to it!